Indon Cares


Indon believes it is our responsibility to execute furniture craftsmanship in the most sustainable way to protect the environment for generations to follow. Indon is committed to continually looking for ways to decrease our environmental impact.

Simply put, We follow a strategy of REDUCE. RECYCLE.REUSE

In our commitment to build sustainable furniture we focus on the BIG 4 – Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Transportation, and Use


Whenever possible we use materials that have the ability to be repurposed or recycled, such as 100% FSC certified hardwoods and 100% recyclable steel, as well as low VOC finishes that release hardly any environmental pollutants

Manufacturing Processes:

Our factories employ systems to collect dust and residual wood that is released during the processing of raw wood materials into finished components. The collected sawdust is reused for horse stables or generating fuel for heat, reducing waste as well as conserving another valuable resource, petroleum


Since transportation also uses energy, responsibility in transporting is also part of producing a sustainable product. We ensure that our products ship efficiently and are packed in the least amount of space. With few exceptions, our factories use locally-sourced materials with a reduced carbon footprint


Indon engineers it’s furniture to last in the marketplace. Durability matters because well made furniture with a longer functional lifespan contributes to the health of the planet by not adding to the landfills

At INDON we see our commitment to sustainability as a journey, and we are continually looking for new ways to decrease our environmental impact

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