Our Process

Project ManagementOur team at INDON has developed a unique method of Project Management to assure our customers of real time communication during the life of your project. From quotation to product delivery Indon has developed a method of cross training all Operations employees to be informed on all projects and assure you that we will keep you informed even when your assigned Operations Specialist is out of the office.

The following is an overview of our process

  1. Starting with your request for quote, your project goes to our Operations Office.
  2. Immediately a project manager is assigned and will follow it through to completion including the initial quote through the placement of your project for production.
  3. As a result of our unique cross training concept, every Operations Specialists is aware of the specifics of every project, and information you need is available from any one of the team members.
  4. This concept assures you that information will be available when you want it and is just one of the many reasons 85% of our customers have worked with us on more than one project.

At Indon International, we are committed to doing more than you would expect as we help develop and produce your vision for your project. It is our intent and desire to partner with all of our customers and develop relationships that extend past the lifetime of one project. We feel that our unique approach to communication and customer service throughout your projects helps to create that atmosphere.

We are also continuously working to improve our communications, customer service, and overall processes and welcome our customer’s inputs and ideas in helping us move toward creating excellence in our overall operations. Please contact either your Sales Associates or our INDON Operations office to provide feedback that you feel will help us improve our company and our customer service.

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